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12 Things Anyone from Indiana Knows to Be True!

  • 12 Things Anyone from Indiana Knows to Be True!



    1. Elephant ears and BBQ at the annual hog roast and Fourth of July festival will teleport you back to your childhood where you rode the rides with your best friends until you were so dizzy you could no longer stand up!


    2. Whether it is a crisp, early spring evening, a sticky summer night, or a cool chilly fall day a bonfire over the weekend with good food and friends is always right around the corner.


    3. There is always an abundance of fresh turkey, deer jerkey, and deer sausage when hunting season comes around!


    4. After waiting all winter, that first summer weekend where it is warm enough to canoe down the river, cool down at Cataract Falls, and hike Turkey Run is priceless.


    5. It is not uncommon to spy a deer in your backyard, even in the more populated regions of town.


    6. The fact that you know every tree, fallen log, secret trail, stump, and dip in the earth around the lake of Eagle Creek, and the creeks of Turkey Run and Fort Harrison makes it known that no other forest will feel quite like home.


    7. You both love and fear thunderstorms as the sky darkens in shades of red, purple, and deep blue, while the temperature drops and the wind whips through your house as you run to close all your windows as the buckets of rain splash through.


    8. There is nothing more fun than playing in the puddles, muddy grass and flooded streets after the worst of the storm has passed and the lightening has left.


    9. You always get the blessing of being greeted by a rainbow afterwards to remind you life is pretty awesome!


    10.Although it is inevitable that you will get stopped by a passing train on the day you are running late, you wouldn’t trade that fact for being able to hear the soft rumble of the wheels on the track and horn announcing it’s arrival bidding you good evening while you sit on your front porch.


    11. No summer is complete without a trip to the ampitheater everyone still refers to as "Deer Creek".


    12. You know the joy in experiencing the beauty of bundling up and taking a walk after a big snowfall that comes up almost to your knees while the crisp cool air numbs your cheecks.


    What about you? What are your top favorites truths about Indiana or the place you are from?