Flooco is the new social media site from Digital Inspirations, Inc. that allows you to share cultural experiences with people from all over the world.

Would you love to share knowledge of your own culture to teach others about your unique home? Do you want to learn more about the cultures around the world for school, a trip, or even just to learn?

With Flooco, you’re able to share and exchange information while meeting people from a variety of locations and cultures. Travel the world without even leaving your home! Wherever you are in the world, you’re able to learn about places that you hope to one day see.




If you’re like us, you dream of traveling. You’ve heard of all these incredible places around the world, but you really know nothing about them.


Because of the separation, both in geography and in culture, it’s difficult for you to really connect with people from other parts of the world. Though the internet has helped to make the world a little bit smaller, the cultural divide is still a huge obstacle in trying to learn about other parts of the world.

You want to travel, want to know what people do in their everyday lives when they live in different areas, want to become a more educated person, but you’re unable to learn about the important aspects of a culture without being completely immersed in the culture.


 Flooco is the new social media site that lets you share and exchange information about different cultures from people all over the world! We enrich your cultural connection through videos, photos, music, blogs, news, and more!
Flooco brings people together in ways that have not been possible before the age of technology. You can learn about different places and cultures so that you feel able to further engage in those cultures and be more connected with the world around you.

We provide information about music, dress, nightlife, terminology, and more through a fun and easy-to-use social media platform.

Here at Flooco, we know the world is a big place, and we bring the different cultures of the world together so that no matter where you are or where you go, you’ll feel connected with the world around you.




No matter where in the world you want to learn about, Flooco gives you a number of ways in interacting with other users from those places!



Read All About It
You can be one of our guests, which means that you see the content on our site and are able to read it. This requires no profile, just liking our Facebook page or going on our site.


Actively Engage
However, if you’d like to post and interact with content on the site, you can sign up for a profile. Much like Facebook, once you sign up for a profile, you can upload and share content, interact with other users, and post on topics to get opinions. You can also connect with individual members by sending them a friend request and then emailing or instant messaging.


Become a Flexer

Our wonderful members of Flooco are known as Flexers. Connect now, engage, and make new cultural connections. You can also join Flooco by creating a free profile and start sharing your awesome pictures, videos, and blogs.




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